Trainee Research Staff

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Personnel in Food Tech Department belongs to three collectives: Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), Administration and Services Personnel (PAS) and Training Predoctoral Staff.

Training Predoctoral Staff includes all predoctoral students enroled in any of the programs at the UdL Doctorate School, and carrying out their PhD thesis works in the FoodTech Department.

Last name, Name


Álvarez Vaz, Ana
Borràs Vallverdú, Bernat
Díaz Nuñez, Alba
Femenias Llaneras, Antoni
Manthei, Alina Marie
Neggazi Meslek, Isma
Nicolau Lapena, Iolanda
Ortiz Solà, Jordi 
Pájaro Escobar, Harold Antonio 
Ramezani, Mohsen
Teixé Roig, Júlia 
 Turmo Ibarz, Ana 



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